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Baka MPlayer for Windows

  • Free (GPL)
  • In English
  • Version: 2.0.4

The mpv based anime player

Baka MPlayer is a free and open source, mpv based multimedia player that plays most multimedia files such as avi and mkv (Matroska) using internal codecs (codecs do not need to be installed on your PC). It's also fully compatible with playing 10-bit (Hi10P) encoded content. It's simple design reflects the idea for an uncluttered, simple, and enjoyable environment for watching anime. It's also portable and has built in voice command support (in beta).

Baka MPlayer was carefully coded and crafted by an avid anime viewer, thus it is custom tailed for the best anime watching experience. It is small, portable, easy to use, supports almost every video/audio format, supports auto playlists, has basic voice control, and looks nice.

This software is for people who love watching TV shows, movies, anime, etc. It also has good support for audio files so you can enjoy your music.

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Baka MPlayer


Baka MPlayer 2.0.4 for PC

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